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A Public Apology

February 23, 2018
Letter from the President

Today we acknowledge our role in the economic destruction now plaguing the state of Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Oil and Gas Association and its member companies accept our responsibility for plundering state resources, destroying the public education system, and contaminating the environment.

To be honest, we have robbed the poor to line the pockets of the rich.

For this we wish to issue the people of Oklahoma a sincere and heartfelt apology. We still anticipate an eventful legislative session, but as of now, we are preparing now to return to the people the resources we have pillaged and stolen from the Great State of Oklahoma.

In the coming days, we will be revealing our plans to return stolen funds. We will also be advocating for %10 increase in the Gross Production Tax. As of today, we have consulted with the board members and shareholders with every member organization. Devon Energy, Chesapeake, Marathon Oil and Enbridge all agree we have taken too much and jeopardized the state of Oklahoma’s economy, infrastructure and school systems. We can no longer sit with this on our conscience and are now making plans to return the plundered resources to the peopleand help restore the state’s education budget.

We wish to issue a sincere apology for all the wrongs we’ve committed. We are demons and destroyers. We’ve committed acts of rape against the land and water. We must now begin the long and arduous process of atoning for our sins. God forgive us.

Chad Warmington

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