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About Us

Our Association has a history of bringing successful companies together to forge common interests into the best operation environment possible. In doing this, we also assure a sound business environment for the future of Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Oil & Gas Association works at the Oklahoma State Capitol where each year over 2,000 bills are introduced. Our presence at the Capitol during the legislative session educates legislators about the energy sector. We support legislation that is positive for the energy business and Oklahoma’s economy. We diligently watch for and work against bills that have an adverse effect on our industry, and there are lots of them! We have a solid reputation of working with the members of both houses and both parties to keep those bills from becoming law.

At the same time, we sponsor and support legislation which strengthens the energy investment environment in Oklahoma. Much of the existing pro-industry law is directly attributable to the work of the Oklahoma Oil & Gas Association and its members.

The Oklahoma Oil & Gas Association maintains close contact with agencies which have regulatory authority over the energy industry. President Chad Warmington, staff and the Association’s committee chairmen have personal contact with state agency directors and staff to maintain an open, working relationship. This allows us to initiate changes which make your work easier.  The Oklahoma Oil & Gas Association is a vital information hub for Oklahoma’s energy sector. As such, we coordinate efforts with other business interests and share information vital to all.

The Oklahoma Oil & Gas Association is the oldest energy trade organization in the U.S. We are proud to serve our state’s energy sector during another exciting period in Oklahoma’s history. Please join this historic organization as we move forward to safeguard energy development for Oklahoma’s future.