Committees | Oklahoma Oil & Gas Association


Committee on Legislation

Mike Thompson, BP Lower 48, Chair

This committee meets regularly during legislative sessions. Company representatives on the committee provide information, material and analysis of the impact of legislation on their companies. Committee members and staff review over 2,000 bills introduced each session in Oklahoma.

Committee on Environment

Jesse Sandlin, Devon Energy Corporation, Chair

This committee reviews environmental legislation; environmental rules and regulations developed by state agencies and prepares responses to these proposals. The committee takes an active role in preparing comments and testimony on proposed rules and regulations before the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, the Department of Environmental Quality and other state and federal regulatory agencies.

Regulatory Practices Committee

Mark Stout, Chesapeake Energy Corporation, Chair

This committee consists of attorneys and engineers involved in regulatory matters of interest to the industry and the companies they represent. The committee meets as needed to review proposals for new rules and regulations and changes in existing rules covering the petroleum industry. This committee focuses on rule proposals offered to the Corporation Commission.

Ad Valorem Tax Committee

Marshall P. Mungle, ONEOK Inc., Co-Chair | Daron Fredrickson, Merit Advisors, LP, Co-Chair

This committee reviews and acts on legislation, rules and regulations dealing with ad valorem tax issues. The committee communicates with the Tax Commission, State Board of Equalization and county assessors.

Tax Committee

Lacy McCornack, Chesapeake Energy Corporation, Chair

This committee focuses on regulations and legislation involved in the payment of gross production taxes. It develops proposals for changes in various tax laws, rules and regulations. The committee maintains communication with divisions of the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

Health & Safety Committee

Chris Hyde, Marathon Oil Company, Chair

This committee consists of safety professionals involved in developing safe work practices for employees and contractors working for the companies they represent. The committee meets quarterly to share best practices, lessons learned, safety alerts and information concerning current health & safety issues arising in the petroleum industry. 

Legal Committee

Mark D. Christiansen, McAfee & Taft, Chair

This committee reviews court decisions and pending litigation to determine the impact on the industry. The committee also serves as a forum for the discussion and analysis of key legal questions affecting the industry. It serves as the foundation for creating special ad hoc groups formed to represent petroleum industry interest in litigation.

Midstream Committee

Dusty Darr, ONEOK, Inc., Chair

This committee provides an opportunity for discussing legislation and regulations specifically relating to the midstream industry in its entirety (pipelines, gathering and processing and storage). The committee will also provide input for the development of legislation and regulations to be advocated by OKOGA. Meetings will be held once a quarter or on an as needed basis.  Member company lobbyists, technical and legal experts are invited to participate in these legislative and regulatory discussions relating to midstream and pipeline companies.

Oilfield Services Committee

Tommie Herell, Select Energy Services, Chair

The Oilfield Services Committee provides an opportunity for discussing legislation and regulations specifically relating to the oilfield services sector of the industry. The committee also provides input into the development of legislation and regulations to be advocated by OKOGA. Committee members consist of any engaged OKOGA member representing an oilfield services company, any OKOGA members that holds an interest in oilfield services issues, or anyone who has an interest in the growth of oilfield services companies within the OKOGA membership. Meetings will be held once a quarter or on an as needed basis.

Refinery Group

H. J. Reed, Phillips 66, Chair

This committee is composed of state refinery managers and provides a forum for discussion of refining issues.

Communications Committee

Gordon Pennoyer, Chesapeake Energy Corporation, Chair

The Communications Committee consists of communications professionals and professionals involved in grassroots advocacy, such as a government affairs officer or a community outreach coordinator, from OKOGA member companies. The committee’s focus is to shape and advance the messaging and advocacy goals of OKOGA through traditional and earned media, social media, and grassroots campaigns. The committee will work to shape OKOGA’s message on evolving issues, fine tune OKOGA’s public and community strategy on varying initiatives, and provide thoughtful input on advancing or managing media trends in the state, as well as nationally, when it pertains to state-specific industry activity.

SCOOP/STACK Operators Committee

Chad Haglin, Marathon Oil Company, Chair

The SCOOP/STACK Operators Committee consists of operations personnel from OKOGA member companies that are active exploration and production operators primarily within the SCOOP/STACK area and other active operators with unconventional oil and gas development. This committee’s focus is on the broad array of issues that are of common operational concern to those within the SCOOP/STACK as drilling activity is expected to increase. The committee will be a forum for operations leaders to provide thoughtful input on how to address and solve potential challenges.

Seismicity Committee

Lloyd Hetrick, Newfield Exploration Company, Chair

This committee is composed of technical personnel from OKOGA member companies to study and share research about seismic activity in Oklahoma and review and advise on regulatory actions and legislative proposals aimed at reducing seismic activity in the state. Member company lobbyists, communications personnel and legal experts are also invited to participate, but most discussion will be of a technical nature requiring operational expertise.

Membership & Planning Committee

Tony Cristelli, FourPoint Energy, Chair

This committee discusses all matters regarding strategic planning for OKOGA membership and the association. The committee will offer support and resources regarding OKOGA events, membership marketing, recruitment and retention of members, and creating short-term and long-term plans for recommendation to the Executive Committee. Committee members include any engaged member that has an interest in the growth of the association. Meetings will be held once a quarter or on an as-needed basis.