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Infrastructure Week Highlights Importance of Energy Pipelines

States like Oklahoma—the No. 3 producer of natural gas and No. 4 producer of crude oil—are doing their part to bring energy security to the United States. Yet energy production is just one part of the equation. In order to ensure that Americans have access to the energy they need—and to bring our energy to the rest of the world—we need an energy infrastructure network that matches the strength of today’s modern production.

As we celebrate national Infrastructure Week, it’s important for all industries to realize how we can contribute to improving our country’s infrastructure so we can continue to bring our products to consumers around the United States and the world.

Modernizing and expanding pipeline infrastructure are key to maintaining Oklahoma’s place as a top energy producer in the United States. Afterall, Oklahoma is home to the Cushing Interchange, the “Pipeline Crossroads of the World” and one of the largest crude oil marketing hubs in the U.S.

As oil and natural gas continues to develop, infrastructure should follow pace so well-paying jobs and tax revenues can to continue to grow and power our state.

That’s why OIPA-OKOGA was heartened to see President Trump sign two executive orders which would help develop critical energy infrastructure. The growth our industry realizes from these executive orders will create even more investments into our state’s infrastructure.

Both executive orders make it easier to build and improve energy infrastructure —which is good news for the United States where almost one fourth of all the energy used comes from natural gas. Constructing pipelines will make energy more safely accessible, deliver energy savings for consumers, create jobs and spur further economic growth.

Pipelines, in fact, are the safest and most efficient means to transport energy, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Given America’s position as the world’s top oil and natural gas producer, the entire country needs a renewed commitment to ensuring this energy can be transported to the people who need it.

Expanded pipeline access to the Gulf Coast region benefits Oklahomans and greatly strengthens America’s geopolitical standing in the world. LNG export terminals, like the Cameron Parish natural-gas export facility President Trump visited today, will supply our allies across the globe with, as U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry recently said, “clean and affordable natural gas.”

In Oklahoma, the oil and natural gas industry is proud to support infrastructure expansion and modernization because it is an investment in our state’s and our country’s future.

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