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Industry Responds to Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s New Seismicity Guidelines on Hydraulic Fracturing

On Dec. 19, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) in conjunction with the Oklahoma Geological Survey (OGS) announced new guidelines associated with anomalous seismic activity not related to injection within the Arbuckle formation.

Click here to view the OCC and OGS new guidelines and the “focus area” for implementation. 

In the agencies’ press release, OGS Director Jeremy Boak said, “Unlike the strong earthquake activity in areas of the AOI linked to disposal activity, response to seismic activity that might be related to hydraulic fracturing can be more precisely defined and rapidly implemented.”

Chad Warmington, president of the Oklahoma Oil & Gas Association responded with:

The OCC’s proactive approach will help to protect and maximize the development of Oklahoma’s abundant natural resources for years to come. As the data indicates, these anomalous seismic events have been small, rare and manageable. OKOGA operators in Oklahoma are actively monitoring their operations and adjusting in real time when they identify geologic risk factors, using methods that have proven effective in Ohio and British Columbia. OCC’s new guidelines will compliment operators’ efforts.

The full statement from OKOGA is available by clicking here

What are others saying? The Oklahoman‘s editorial board praised state regulators and industry for taking a “proactive approach” with the new seismicity guidelines and for “staying one step ahead” of the growing oil and natural gas development in the SCOOP and STACK formation. Read the Oklahoman’s editorial by clicking here and watch OKOGA’s president discuss industry’s efforts and research to address seismicity concerns across the state:

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